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In a rapidly advancing world, fueled by the onset of artificial intelligence (AI) and an increasing dependency on technology, the implications of progress are inevitable. Futurist ideals and science fiction are becoming difficult to distinguish from reality, and the direct consequences are manifested in the process of human interactions, learning, and thought itself.

Gallery House Fellows of Fall 2017 are curating an exhibition Yesterday’s Tomorrow which includes works that offer an experiential exploration of the implications of rapidly developing technology within contemporary society on various groups. The exhibition will embrace a wide variety of media, including installations and video and film as well as more traditional media of painting and sculpture. Original works will be raffled off and auctioned to benefit the Children’s Art Guild (https://www.childrensartsguild.org), a New York City based organization determined to help children transcend expectations and disadvantages in order to explore and develop their creativity and artistic drives through education.



Rddhima Golyan

Rddhima Golyan is from New Delhi, India. She is currently studying interior design at Pratt Institute. She believes that art and design has the power to create various experiences which differ for all human beings. As an aspiring artist and designer, she wants to explore her perspective towards things with everyone who choses to be a part of her journey.

Laura Arike

Laura Arike, from Mamaroneck, NY, is a second year student at Pratt Institute. Majoring in Art History with a minor in Museum and Gallery Practices, her interests lie primarily in early 20th century modern art as well as contemporary art. Laura is consistently pursuing the eventual prospect of working as a museum curator, educator, or conservator within New York City, approaching all possibilities with an overarching goal of ensuring that art is accessible and for everyone.

Adam Colello

Adam Colello is from Poughkeepsie, NY. He is an editorial and fine arts photographer currently studying his B.F.A in photography at Pratt Institute. Adam evokes emotion and a sense of loneliness through his photographs and other works of art.