Dues & donations to DGT Alumni Assn. are Non-Tax Deductible


Non-Tax Deductible DUES AND DONATIONS to DGT Alumni Association are solicited from and paid by its members. The Association’s members are current or former Pratt Institute students who were inducted before 2007 as members of Delta Gamma Theta or of Tau Delta Phi – Tau Sigma, or inducted as associate members of the Gallery House Program, beginning in 2016. Active (voting) members are current on payment of their annual dues of $10, and may cast votes during quarterly membership meetings, participate in elections of officers, run for office, and gain access to the Members Section of this web-site. Associate Members are individuals who participated in the Gallery Fellowship Program, and who were invited and voluntarily decided to join and actively participate in supporting the mission of DGT Alumni Association. Associate Members become full members upon graduation or disenrollment, pre-graduation from Pratt Institute. Your annual dues payment of $10 is payable at anytime during the year and will become renewable on the anniversary dates thereafter.  Members who seek to become active may simply pay their dues. Current active members may renew by paying their dues online. Dues and Donations to the DGT Alumni Association are not tax-deductible under the Internal Revenue Service Code. DGT Alumni Association, Inc. is registered with the New York State Attorney General's Charities Bureau.  Its Registration number is 023100.  In making a payment, indicate the purpose of the payment as you handle it through PayPal, or by mailing it to DGT Alumni Association, Inc., 272 Clinton Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205.

Donations to DGT Foundation are Tax Deductible.

TAX DEDUCTIBLE GIFTS TO DGT FOUNDATION support charitable and educational program activities, including the Gallery House Fellowship Program. Indicate the purpose of the payment (e.g. donation, or Engraved Brick Campaign) as you make a payment through PayPal, or in mailing it to DGT Foundation, 272 Clinton Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205. Donations to the DGT Foundation from members, the general public, businesses, foundations or corporate giving programs are tax-deductible under the Internal Revenue Service Code. A copy of the DGT Foundation’s latest annual report may be downloaded from this website, or obtained upon request from DGT Foundation or from the New York State Attorney General’s Charities Bureau.  DGT Foundation's IRS Tax ID is 47-1353263 and its Charities Bureau Registration number is 450261. The address for DGT Foundation is 272, Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11205.  The address for the New York State Attorney General’s Charities Bureau is 120 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10271.

When You Shop, You Can Request That The Following Merchants Donate a Portion of the Sale to the DGT Foundation: Amazon.com

Engraved Brick Campaign

Engraved Bricks Campaign – DGT Alumni Association has authorized an Engraved Brick Campaign, offering every member and or a relative or friend of a member to have an engraved brick placed on-site, with a member’s name and the year in which he or she originally became a member while a student at Pratt Institute. Proceeds will provide capital for improvement for the House and to support the charitable and educational programs carried out by DGT Foundation. The final design for the placement of the bricks and construction dates are in the planning stage. Ideas include pavers and a new wall enclosure for the rear patio. Donations to the Engraved Brick Campaign may also be made in memory of a member who is deceased.  A non-tax deductible gift of $100 for each Engraved Brick may be made to DGT Alumni Association, Inc. and if desired, a tax-deductible gift in that amount can be made to DGT Foundation, Inc.

Consider a Major and or a Legacy Gift – We’ve been around for more than a century, enriching the lives of Pratt students, making a positive contribution to student life, and contributing to the development of life-long friendships and professional associations among members. Over the coming years, capital funds are needed for restoration and renovation of the 'House' at 272 Clinton Ave., and there naming opportunities for donors making leading gifts.  Including DGT Alumni Association in your will or other legacy giving method makes it possible for others to have this kind of enriching experience, and for DGT Alumni Association to continue for another century.  To discuss a legacy gift you are considering please contact the President of the DGT Alumni Association. For more information email the President of DGT Alumni Association, Inc., at ggerald@dgtaa.org.