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According to World Health Organization, unintentional poisonings and toxins kill an estimated 355,000 people globally each year. People inevitably absorb dangerous toxins. Toxic substances one can hardly see, smell, hear, touch or taste have subtly merged into our daily necessities: food, water, clothes and beauty products. Those affected may not understand how our senses can be influenced by such exposure both physically and emotionally.

Gallery House Fellows of Fall 2016 are curating an exhibition Between Senses, which includes works that give tangible forms of the idea of senses by taking a visitor on a toxic free sensory journey through carefully selected and curated works of art and designs. Original works will be raffled off and auctioned to benefit the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator (visit http://bkaccelerator.com/ ) and MiA Collective Art (visit http://www.miacollectiveart.com/), both New York-based organizations that support designers, artists, and entrepreneurs to inspire positive impact in the world.



Åsa Maria Camnert

Åsa Maria Camnert holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in textile design from Central Saint Martins and has nearly a decade of experience working in the fashion and textile industries, ranging from retail, ethical production, and curation. Currently, she is on a mission to give positive inspiration and enhance collaborative opportunities within the fashion and textile communities.

August Ou

August Ou is a gallerist who dedicates himself to making arts and culture more accessible and welcoming to the public. He believes that Art is a universal language for humanity and it is perhaps the best means of communication, even beyond language. Having come from Taiwan, Ou wishes to share with the audience in New York the arts and culture of his hometown.

Aigerim Mukhambetova

Aigerim Mukhambetova has studied and worked in Kazakhstan, Russia, China, UK, Germany, and US, from fashion design to risk-analysis industries. She is determined to empower communities by combining her experience in design, culture, and business.